99 ($22.99/Count) FREE Shipping. WARNING: Do not adjust the screw next to the parking brake button. More Stable. The braking wheel must be in contact with the floor, of the knee scooter. KneeRover® Knee Scooter Brake Handle Replacement Part with Locking Parking Brake Feature. As such, you’ll need to evaluate your needs vis-à-vis the scooter model that you have and finally determine the right model for your needs. Adjust the Knee Rest to the Proper Height Knee pain and discomfort when riding is caused when you don't adjust the knee rest (where you place your injured leg) to the proper height. Knee scooters are more stable and are easy to control than the crutches. $22.99 $ 22. Your other leg should be straight on the floor while the … While every model out there might look good, they all aren’t good for you. Knee Scooter Instructions. scooter. Then place your affected leg, or more specifically, your knee comfortably in the center of the pad at a 90-degree angle and your other leg on the ground. This can go up and Amazon's Choice for drive knee scooter parts. This steerable knee scooter lets you easily maneuver through your home or public spaces, indoors or outside. - Do not use the knee walker on or near stairs or while using mind-altering drugs … To lock wheels - Push the handle downward until it clicks into the locked position. × And just as with a bicycle, you will need to be careful not to pull those brakes too hard, as you risk coming to an abrupt stop and possibly losing balance. More ever knee scooters are easy for traveling and moving around. 4.2 out of 5 stars 13. You can adjust its height of the handlebar, knee platform, and also the width of the knee pad. Failure to do so can result in the sudden slippage of the seat or handlebars and can result in serious injury. Brake Adjustment Instructions To control speed - Simply squeeze the handle towards you. A lockable braking system helps you stop and keeps you securely in place when you … The first thing that you should do if you want to make your knee scooter more comfortable is to choose the right model. To adjust the platform for a right or left foot, Quick and the brake works best with weight on the knee scooter. (see image 11) Brake Adjustments If you find it difficult to squeeze/lock the brake handle or that the brake shoe is not engaging the wheel then you may need to adjust the brake. 1. You can determine proper fitting for a knee scooter while you are in a standing position. Rubberized tires absorb shocks from rough surfaces and keep this mobility scooter rolling smoothly. Body Position. First make yourself comfortable as soon as you put your knee on the scooter. Wearing non-slip shoes on your non-injured foot, check the position the handle bar. Knee scooters allow people to move about without the pain and discomfort of using crutches. They are lower to the ground which provides extra stability. Similarly, knee scooters allow their users to be hands free. If you have a different scooter, refer to the user manual if the feature is available and how to properly set. When using crutches most of your body weight rests in your arms–with a knee scooter, you use your leg muscles to move while providing your injured leg non-weight bearing rest. The other great part of using a knee scooter is that you can easily wear yourself out moving from room to room using crutches, making tasks almost impossible to accomplish around the house. Adjust the knee rest height with the lever just under the front of the knee rest. ADJUSTMENTS/CUSTOM FITTING Stand next to the knee scooter and place the knee of the injured leg into the knee rest. WARNINGS Because the knee walker is lightweight, use of the hand brake while in motion may cause an abrupt stop. With a knee walker, you can save energy that would otherwise be expended getting from room to room on recovery. The leg that has the injury should be resting comfortably on the center of the seat cushion/pad. Q: How do I slow down on a knee scooter?A: Our knee scooters come outfitted with hand braking systems, just like on a bicycle. Things You Need to Pay Attention to. Only 4 left in stock - order soon.